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The most Affordable Drug and Alcohol detox centres throughout the UK.  

Drug Detox

We have Drug Detox Centres throughout the UK. If you, or a loved one have a drug problem and would like some free help and advice, please contact us. The sooner you call us, the sooner you will get your life back. We help 100's of people every year who are addicted to all sorts of drugs from Heroin to painkillers. We are nonjudgmental as we have all been through it. So no matter what part of the country you are in, call us today on 0845 3881 543. We can help and we will help.        

So how does it work

We replace the drug you are taking with a safe medicine. A tailored medical, (which is tailored to you), is the removal of a drug from the body. There are some drugs which don't need a medical detox. These are LSD, Cannabis, Crack Cocaine, and Powder Cocaine. In the case of users who come to rehab with addictions to these drugs, we do have ways to stop the cravings and to restore your natural appetite and to resort your natural sleep pattern. Contact us for details.  

How long will a medical Drug Detox take

The time a medical detox takes is anything from 7 to 14 days depending on what drug it is, how much you have been taking and for how long, how old you are, how much you weigh etc. We do make your detox as comfortable as possible. 

What happens after a medical Drug Detox

We have Drug Rehabilitation Centres all across the UK. A drug detox is normally carried out at a rehab centre, or in some cases in a hospital. Once you have completed a drug detox then you tend to stay in rehab to get over the psychological aspects of addiction. It is not a great idea just to have a detox as most people tend to come out and go straight back to their dealer. It is so important to have some rehabilitation which can last up to 12 weeks depending on each individual case. Our rehab centres are currently showing an 83% long term success rate for people who have come though us. 


How much does it cost

Some of our drug detox centres are none-profit making which puts our drug detox centres in the top 25% most affordable drug detox centres in the UK. We offer 2 - 4 - 8 and 12 week programmes. 


Cost of rehab


We pleased to announce we are among the most affordable 25% of residential rehabilitation centres in the country. 

We tailor our detox programmes to suit you. A list of our private residential rehabilitation centres Prices. 




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